• Cassidy Crockett

    3 months ago
    Want me to list all of the things I love about how amazing Park City Orthodontics is? Dr Sumsion is cool, down to earth, efficient, and the nicest guy ever. He knows how to interview and train his staff to emulate how awesome he is. They are all friendly, happy, and insure you have a good experience EVERY time you go. The office is clean, inviting, and comfortable. My husband and I both have braces currently and one of the things I love most is that most, if not all of the staff have had braces. They are empathetic in how they work in your mouth. You guys, they have a free consult. If you want to see for yourself how awesome they are, schedule one now!!!
  • Diana Smith

    2 months ago
    I have been very pleased with Dr. Sumsion. His office staff is always friendly and prompt and we have never had to wait long for an appointment.
  • Erin Feder

    7 months ago
    Dr. Sumssion is the best orthodontist. He makes my visits fun because I get to play in his upstairs room & write my name on the wall & he's always happy. Its never painful either & all the teeth he does come out looking amazing. - Stevie 9 years old
  • Claire Schmid

    11 months ago
    Your place it just the best! I love the board you have that says if you a new patient or if your getting your braces on or off! The people at the front desk are so helpful! The people working on your mouth are just so gentle! Really kid friendly! I just wish they had more colors for your braces. But really out standing all over!
  • Lara Rude

    8 months ago
    Both my kids have had great orthodontic care with Dr. Sumsion and his staff. It's always easy to get an appointment and they are very friendly & on time with appointments. My kids love getting smile miles too! We highly recommend this office!
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  • Dr. Sumsion has taken care of both our daughters and they have fantastic smiles! Also, he’s a bike fanatic and can talk all day long about rides, races, bikes, etc.

    Brian Feltovich

    Parent of a Patient

  • It’s been great having a orthodontist that actually helps your teeth

    Jackson Kelson


  • Park City Orthodontics is great at its treatment and they have good workers and Dr. Sumsion and everyone else who works there is helpfull, skilled, and nice.

    Christopher Burkemper


  • Thank you for getting me braces, now my teeth are really white and straight-From Ellen😀

    Ellen Kennedy


  • Everyone at Park City Orthodontics is very friendly especially Dr.Sumsion. The front desk women are very accommodating and helpful. Would recommend for anyone looking for an orthodontist.

    Alana Buckman


  • Dr. Sumsion and his team are amazing. I am in my 30’s and came back to him after my braces had been off for 10 years and he corrected some movement (my fault) at no charge when I’m sure he should have.
    In addition to taking care of his customers, he is incredibly gifted at what he does!!!

    Aaron Heiner


  • Park city orthodontics was a great place for me. I went for an consultation and they did a great job. I will definitely recommend PCO to many of my friends. Can’t wait to come back!

    Lena Polster


  • Park City Orthodontics makes me smile! They have been friendly, professional and easy to work with! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top quality orthodontist.

    Brendon Westra


  • so far so good! our oldest child is almost done with his work up at Dr. Sumsions office, and we will definitely be bringing our next children here as well! quick, efficient, and very fun for the patients. a million times better than my personal braces experience as a teenager! 😉

    Todd Westra

    Parent of a Patient

  • We saw Dr. Sumsion due to an braces emergency while on vacation. I cant express strongly enough what a wonderful experience it was, even as a one-time visitor. Very professional, and incredibly engaging and talented. If we lived in PC, we would definitely be patients. 6 stars out of 5.

    Gregory Friedman


  • Dr. Sumsion is so nice, as are the rest of the staff. They have made my teeth perfect, and are so patient! This is the best orthodontist ever! Thank you guys!

    Ylan Lockwood


  • I was scared to get braces but Dr. Sumsion and his staff made me have a very comfortable and painless experience. I would recommend Park City Orthodontics to all my friends. Thank you!

    Clara Robinson


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